Music Box Nominees for 2018 NEPTA Awards                

    Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
           Dane Bower     as Jud Fry in 'Oklahoma'

    Best Supporting Actress in a Musical
           Alicia Nordstrom     as Clairee in 'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Lead Actor in a Comedy
           Ben Steltz     as Alberto the Great in 'The Haunting'

    Best Lead Actor in a Musical
           Mike Wawrzynek     as Curly in 'Oklahoma'
           Kevin Costley     as Fagin in 'Oliver!'

    Best Lead Actress in a Musical
           Eyanna Gruver     as Laurey in 'Oklahoma'

    Best Lead Actress in a Drama
           Shelley Bartolomei     as M'Lynn Eatenton in 'Steel Magnolias'
           Sarah Marie Thomas     as Truvy in 'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Youth Actor (12 and under)
           Zachary Schultz     as Oliver in 'Oliver!'

    Best Youth Actress (12 and under)
           Amelia Pileggi     as Susan in 'Miracle on 34th Street'

    Best Teen Actor (13-18)
           Davy Janoski     as The Artful Dodger in 'Oliver!'

    Best Teen Actress (13-18)
           Maia Bagusky     as Sister Mary Robert in 'Sister Act'

    Best Musical Director
           Kimberly Johnson                'Sister Act'

    Best Choreographer
           Dan Pittman           'Oklahoma'

    Best Sound Design
           Ted Anderson           'Oklahoma'

    Best Set Design
           Michael Gallagher           'Oklahoma'
           Michael Gallagher           'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Lighting Design
           Jonathan Vojtko           'Oliver!'
           Jonathan Vojtko           'Sister Act'

    Best Director of a Musical
           Dana Feigenblatt                       'Oliver!'
           T Doyle Leverett                       'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Director of a Drama
           Jimmy Williams                       'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Musical
           'Sister Act'

    Best Musical
           'Steel Magnolias'

    Best Family Show

    Best Overall Show
           'Sister Act'

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